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Pintsize Fitness & Sports was developed to introduce children to exercise in a positive, fun environment where they will gain the skills necessary to build healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Studies show that children who begin exercising at a young age have increased self-esteem, earn better grades, and continue to lead healthy, active lives into adulthood!

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Pintsize Soccer

Monthly Membership

Soccer skills and fun games that kids can do online from the safety of their own backyard, garage, or patio.  Your child will practice their gross motor skills, focus, and agility to keep them sharp and ready for when the season begins!

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Pintsize Ninja Fitness

Monthly Membership

Pintsize Ninja Fitness is a fun online agility class for kids where they will get to participate in interactive games and challenges that will improve strength, agility, balance, and focus. This program is great for conditioning for martial arts, gymnastics, and most sport and can be attended in the convenience and safety of home.

Pintsize Karate

Monthly Membership

A unique opportunity to join our online karate program, where kids will learn valuable life lessons, self-defense skills, and earn colored belts through the authentic  Okinawan system of Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Karate.

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What People Are Saying

“Sampai Sarah is the best! Not only does she know her stuff, she is kind, loving, and challenging. She truly enjoys teaching her students and encourages them to go beyond what they think that they can do. The students learn kata, kumite, discipline, manners and more! Each class ends with a fun game.”

— Lesley S

“My 5 year old loved it! He had a great time and got some good exercise. Great coach! “

- Phillina Valdez

“My daughter absolutely loved Ninja class with Sensei Sarah! Highly recommended and engaging content for active children.”

- Carina L

“We love the karate class with Pintsize! It was great to keep my 5-year-old son stay active at home during the pandemic. The sensei keeps kids engaged with different games, exercises, and of course, karate moves.”

- An-min Wu

“My kids loved this class with Ms. Sarah. She was very patient and kind with my kids but also had the right amount of discipline. My daughter was very timid starting and then became comfortable quick because she gave my daughter her space until she was ready but kept including her until she felt comfortable. Both of my kids knew nothing when they started and now they are way more knowledgeable. Her prices are very reasonable considering all the competition out there and more one on one attention versus the other classes that have way to many kids with only one instructor. I would highly recommend this class.”

— Caroline G

“My son thoroughly enjoyed it. He said it was 'The Best!'. He learned some cool ninja moves, and I loved the fact that they talked about taking responsibility.”

- Debapriya Dutta