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“Kids playing the sports should be about learning the game they’re playing and having fun doing it “

– Jhon Tuozzo

Upcoming Events

Soccor Trainings

we are giving your children Soccor trainings to build them up in a highly skilled football player

TeamUp Matches

We organizing TeamUp matches and a lot of fun for your kids

Outdoor Sports Games & Activities for Kids

Pintsize Fitness & Sports was developed in order to introduce Children to exercise in a positive, Fun environment where they will gain the skills to build healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Studies show that children who begin exercising at a young age have increased self-esteem, earn better grades and continue to lead healthy, active lives into adulthood!

Kids growth and physical benefits

Additionally, outdoor sports activities for kids offer various benefits, including physical and social. The physical benefits of outdoor kids sports such as soccer, skateboarding, hiking, biking, and football include: building muscle, gaining acute flexibility, improving balance and coordination, losing weight, and general endurance.